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Zombie Costume and Makeup DIY

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Zombie Costume and Makeup DIY

From the Archives and still my favorite.

zombie diy makeup

My son has decided he’s too old to go trick or treating so we didn’t work on a costume for him this year.  But then he was invited to a party and had a zombie Amazing Race event to attend.  So let’s do this! Here’s our Zombie Costume and Makeup DIY.   I picked up an old shirt from Goodwill and ripped it up with a knife, then painted and poured blood on it.  I’m not going to lie, I love doing stuff like this.

I knew we had to do some fun makeup to go with the blood stained shirt.  All Mommy Wants has a great tutorial video here.  All you really need is some Knox Gelatine and I already had that in the pantry.  Then I used the Spirit coupons and bought some makeup and fake blood.

Mix up the Gelatine with some warm water and work fast because it hardens quickly.  Then just spread on areas that you want to make into a zombie wound.  You can make some thinker areas and I loved the face one where I had it hanging off his cheek like loose skin.  Fun! Give these ‘wounds’ a few minutes to dry and you can work on the facial make up.  I used a mixture of white, green and black to rub all over his face for that dead look.  Then I put black around his eyes and on his mouth. I could have done a much better job but he didn’t like me rubbing at his face.


Once the gelatine has hardened you can apply make up.  I used a brush to apply a dark purple to the outsides and some deeper inside pits.  Then I used a sponge and dabbed on the fake blood.  Need less to say, everyone at the party wanted to touch the ‘wounds’.  He had a blast.   To remove the gelatine and makeup, just take a warm shower.  The warm water dissolves the gelatine.

zombie makeup

So rip up an old shirt and throw on some zombie makeup.  Nothing says fun like the undead.  🙂

Hubby had a work event that he wanted me to help him with so I did the zombie thing for him.  Imagine working in the IT department and having him show up at your desk for tech support on that day?  Well I couldn’t let him have all the fun.  Our outfits are thrift store finds and I just roughed them up.  It was a blast!

Possibly the BEST SELFIE Ever lol

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