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What’s the hourly pay equivalent to clipping coupons

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What’s the hourly pay equivalent to clipping coupons

Check out this article, Are coupons worth it? from the Wall Street Journal.  It poses the question about how much time is involved clipping coupons and is it really worth it.  It was interesting to see them break down how long it takes to clip a coupon and what that adds up to if you were paid hourly.  I especially like the line at the end:

Try asking yourself if you’d like to earn more than $100 an hour for a job you can do, at home, while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  And it seems they are taking the average coupon clipper, not the Rock Star clippers I know all of you are!  I often get asked how long my process takes.  It’s an interesting question but I’ve never really sat down to crunch the numbers.  Obviously, I do a lot more work than the regular coupon clipper does, because of this website.  I think if we won the lottery tomorrow (which means we’d actually have to play it), I would still clip and use coupons.  Why?  Well to be quite honest, it’s now an addiction.  It would be very hard for me to ever pay full price for things after knowing how cheap I can get them.

Thanks to Common Sense With Money for passing along this article.