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DIY Walking Treadmill Desk and Shelves Installed

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DIY Walking Treadmill Desk and Shelves Installed

From the Archives:DIY Walking Treadmill Desk

Remember the $800 Treadmill I found at the Thrift Store for $150?  Well Friday I installed the shelves for our monitors.  This DIY treadmill desk is easy to make.

 You know, I love my power tools. 🙂  Treadmill desk shelvesHubby telecommutes 2-3 days a week and he will also be walking while working.  We have it set up with 3 monitors total.  The one in the middle is for TV.  We can watch the news while working or even our favorite shows.   Below is a picture I took while hubby was setting up.

DIY treadmill walking deskYesterday was the first day my husband had a full day of work on the treadmill.  He got in 20,000 steps on his Fitbit simply by walking at a slow pace while working!  I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit jealous that he reached it before me.  I’ll walk about 45-60 minutes and then take a break.  This seems to work well for me and I’m not sore. I do have the treadmill at a bit of an incline (chiropractor says it helps with shin splints).  I also put my weights on my desk, so I can use them with my arms when I’m just watching TV.

We are still working out details, like raising our keyboards to a comfortable level.