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Valentine’s Printable and Homemade Idea

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Valentine’s Printable and Homemade Idea

Kind Printable 2

By Contributing writer Jessica.

I needed Valentines for some friends and I wanted to come up with something cute but also something healthier than candy.  I decided to make a Valentine’s Printable to go along with Kind bars.  These Valentines are simple to print, cut out, and attached to the bars.  You could give individual bars to friends/coworkers or the entire box to a child’s teacher or a special friend.  I know that when I was a teacher, getting granola bars would be a welcome change from candy.  Here is the Valentine’s Printable you can print out and enjoy.

Kind printable 3

I printed these on white card stock at home, but you can also email them to your local office supply store and have them print them for you fairly inexpensively.  They will even cut them for you (although, for me,  it’s usually not worth the price unless I am getting a large stack).

Kind bars are a little more expensive than other granola bars, so I try to look out for a sale.  My store carries them with the protein bars, not the breakfast aisle with the regular granola bars.  I also wouldn’t recommend these for passing out at school unless you are sure about allergies – these contain nuts.

Kind Printable 1

I hope that these Valentine’s inspire you to share some kindness with your friends and coworkers.

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