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Upcycled Thrift Store Dining Room Table

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Upcycled Thrift Store Dining Room Table

Upcycled Thrift Store Dining Room Table

As many of you probably saw on Facebook, I recently purchased a table.  This upcycled Thrift Store Dining room table is my love right now!  I was on the look out for a table but was really looking at possibly making one out of an old door.  When I spotted this table in the store, it was taken apart, with the legs separated and the table top was leaning up against a mattress and all I could see was the bottom of it.


I positioned the legs together (above).  These are two pieces and I was very intrigued by the hardware to connect them (below).


Both pieces pushed together and then you push down on the handle to lock them into place.  There have also been some additional hooks that appear to have been added under the legs as well.


Since I couldn’t see the top of the table, as it was laying against a mattress in the store, I leaned it up against the legs and starred at it. I was surprised how well the top looked since the legs were so worn.


Ok, well it’s a neat table but it’s old, I could tell.  No price tag anywhere.  When I asked the sales woman if she knew anything about it, and if it indeed still fit together, she had no idea.  She said it was dropped off in pieces and she knew nothing about it.  She quoted me $40.  For $40 I was up for the adventure!  In my van it went!

My son helped me put it together when I got home and my husband came home to THIS in the driveway.  lol


The table also came with 2 leaf inserts to make it longer.

I flipped the table top onto a work bench and started to remove some of the trim.  One whole side was missing the trim and the only way to fix it was to remove the rest and replace it.


After removing the old trim, I started cutting and replacing it.  Up close you can see how distressed this table is.



Angles are NOT my thing, so once I got one corner done, I copied it another 3 times.  Then I secured with liquid nails and my nail gun.  Did I mention I LOVE my nail gun and love using it any chance I get?  I’m weird that way.

While I was cleaning up the bottom of the table, I spotted a small label. This is the only writing anywhere on the table.  I googled the Patent number 975,604, and it’s circa 1910!  I can’t tell you how excited I was that not only did I already love this table but now I know more about it including that it’s 100 years old!


I chose a white chalk paint for the legs and the edges of the table.  I know many might frown upon painting the table/legs but since I had to replace the trim, I needed to make it blend with the old trim.


Chalk paint is nice because you don’t need to sand down the old wood or prime it first.  Just paint it!  You can probably get by with 2 coats but I threw on a third because there was some yellowing seeping through.  Once I put on the wax coat and let that dry, I then sanded down some of the edges to give it a roughed up look.  This part baffles my husband.  He said, “So you painted it, then you sanded off the paint?”  lol  YUP that’s what I did!


I sold our old bar stool table on craigslist while all this was going on.  Then I shined the wood floors and put the table together!  I absolutely LOVE it!

Our current dining room is being used as a computer lab, no joke!  It has computer parts everywhere.  Such is the geek life.  So it’s nice to have a table we can all eat at again.  I still need to find chairs.  For now we are using our dining room chairs.   What do you think?


I didn’t do anything to the top of the table besides give it a good cleaning.  It looks so gorgeous in this picture.  I must admit though, up close there are dings in it but I love my imperfect table.

My husband and son sit on both of the long ends and it’s now a running joke that they both have to rest their arms on the table at the same time or else it will tip over.  This is SO NOT true!   Yes it’s an old table, and it creaks some but I gave it new life.  🙂  I hope my family loves me when I’m old and creaky…oh wait….that’s right about now!

The picture of the side by side comparisons at the top of this post makes it look like I colored the top.  The difference in the coloring is because one picture was taken outside and one was taken inside.

Approximate cost: $40 Table, $50ish for trim and new paint.  Making an old table new and useful again…priceless.

I’ll let you know when I find chairs!