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Trying a Body Cleanse ~ Our Journey

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Trying a Body Cleanse ~ Our Journey

As many of you know I’ve been dealing with some heart issues recently.  I had catheter ablation in April, that was not successful.  I am on a new medication that appeared to have worked for a few weeks, just like the last one, but seems to fade in effectiveness as time goes on.  So I decided it’s time to take matters into my own hands, which I should have done earlier.  When I spoke with my doctor about lifestyle changes I should make to help, he said there was nothing that would help, even eliminating my daily cup of coffee.  We did know that when I exercise, my PVC’s go away, so I need to exercise more.  But it’s a vicious cycle.  My heart rhythm can zap my energy, and the meds can help, but a side effect to them are also that they can make me tire, because they slow down my heart rate.  So getting motivated to work out is difficult.

So after my failed procedure, I cut out my daily cup of coffee. The Dr. said it wouldn’t make a difference, but after I have caffeine, I can tell my heart beat increases.  I do still have coffee, but it’s more of a special treat every now and again instead of a daily habit.

Tomorrow, hubby and I are starting a 14 day body cleanse.  Somewhat of a spring cleaning for the body.  Now we have never done one of these before so I am no expert.  This body cleanse is a longer one, so it should be more gentle on the body.  There are all different kinds and it’s important that you choose one that is right for you.  My friend Renae at How to Have it all recently did one.   It’s important to note that it’s not a colon cleanse!  The goal of a cleanse is to remove toxins from our body.  So while on the cleanse you need to eat foods that are raw and easy to digest.  It does no good to cleanse the body while still eating the wrong kinds of foods.

Yesterday I made this detox chicken soup for us to eat over the weekend.  My son and I already tried some, and it’s mom and son approved!  Hubby was very surprised when he came home and I was making soup.  He tried making me homemade soup once and I was impressed, but didn’t eat too much.  I’m just not a soup person, so making this, he knows I’m serious.  We will also be eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables, including making fruit smoothies.  Romaine and spinach salads as well.  It’s important to drink a lot of water, to help flush the toxins out.

Some of the benefits I hope to achive:

More energy
Weight loss
Training the body to crave better foods
Eating better day to day and maintaining that after the cleanse
Mind clarity
Positive eating habit influence on our kids

I am worried about a few things.  I am a sweet eater, as you can see from my heavenly brownies.  I think if I keep myself busy I should be ok.  I’m the kind of person who sits down to watch Design Star and starts thinking, “brownies would be good right now”.  I am also worried about being hungry.  I know it’s not a diet, and you are not limited to how much you eat.  I just need to have enough raw foods and make a snack and menu plan to refer to when I get the munchies.

And I just tried to make a smoothie for lunch today, only to find the blender is broken.  I will not be defeated!