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Trade In That Halloween Candy For Cash – Donate To Our Military

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Trade In That Halloween Candy For Cash – Donate To Our Military

Ok, so how many of you are ready to trash all the candy already?  Does your dinning room table look like mine above?  Every time you pass it you snag one!  Don’t lie! 🙂

Instead of throwing it out or eating it ALL, find a local dentist that will buy back your candy and donate it!

Here’s how it works:

  • Participating dentists buy back kids’ Halloween candy at a scheduled event (For $1 per pound)
  • Dentists send the candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military support groups
  • Operation Gratitude sends the candy  to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way

Just go to www.halloweencandybuyback.com and put in your zip code for a list of nearby participating dentists. If your dentist is not on the list, be sure to call them in case they have another program in place.

If you can’t find a local dentist participating, you can organize your own candy collection with your neighbors, co-workers or friends. Just register at www.opgratitude.com.

Did I mention this is a great way to start your 30-Day Giving Challenge.

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