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Tips To Saving Money on Parties

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Tips To Saving Money on Parties

Tips To Saving Money on Parties

By Contributing writer Jessica.

Update: Here’s the news segment I did on First Coast Living with the party tips.

My son just celebrated his first birthday and as I was planning his party I tried to think about ways to save money.  Here are my tips to saving money on parties.

Keep the guest of honor in mind. 

I try to spend money on things that will have a big impact for the guest of honor.  My husband doesn’t care anything about decorations but wants there to be plenty of food and drinks.  If I was planning a party for my sister I might make sure I have her favorite candles burning.  Kids parties are the same way, they want fun activities way more than they care about centerpieces.

Think outside of the box. 

Parties are a great way to use up those gift cards that you might not use otherwise.  When we were having a football party, my husband pulled out a restaurant gift card we hadn’t used and suggested we call and see if they sold wing platters.  They did, so we were able to get the food for a few dollars.  Sonic sells bags of their fun crushed ice for super cheap and it is always a big hit for parties (tip: it doesn’t freeze well – it needs to be purchased day of).


High Chair Collage

I bought a wooden highchair off of Craigslist for my daughter’s first birthday and painted it pink.  I held on to it and just repainted it blue for my son’s birthday.  I have a small collection of glass jars in assorted sizes that I can fill with anything to fit my theme.  This time I used golf balls and tees.

birthday decorations

I love searching Pinterest for ideas  I found a cute and cheap idea to use Chinese lanterns to make golf balls to hang.

Henrys first birthday 095

I like to DIY as much as possible, but I also know my limits.  For example, I like to make the cake myself, but I have Erica create the invitations.

Shop/ Plan Ahead

Pretty much as soon as I found out I was having a boy, I started thinking about a golf themed first birthday party.  My husband is a big golfer so we have tons of golf stuff.  To calm my nerves, I actually pinned some ideas on Pinterest while I was in the hospital awaiting his arrival.  When stores put summer toys on sale I stocked up on golf sets and clubs for party favors.  After holiday sales are great times to get party favors and solid colored paper goods that match your theme.  I like to use cheaper solid colored paper products and then tie in my theme in other ways.

Knowing your menu will also let you stock up on the non-perishable items well ahead of time, taking advantage of sales and coupons.  Even planning ahead, I still found myself paying full price for items I could have found on sale if I would have been more organized.

I would love to hear any tips you have for stretching a party budget.