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Thrify Finds This Week – And My breadbox Refab & Shelf Topper

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Thrify Finds This Week – And My breadbox Refab & Shelf Topper

I’m participating in Rhoda’s Thrify Party over at Southern Hospitality and Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch!  Check out all the other great things people are finding and making fabulous!

Remember when I bought my bread box at the Antique Mall this week?  When I brought him home he needed to be cleaned and made beautiful again.  But I couldn’t resist putting him in his new home to ‘see how it would look’.  My husband being the funny man he is, snapped a picture while I was sleeping and posted it to his blog with the title, “I just don’t see the point!”

Just not right I tell ya!  I mean you can’t judge a piece of art before the artist is done! Right!?  As I started cleaning and prepping him for paint, it was obvious he was handmade.  The top shelf is slightly crooked and you can tell all the nails were hand sunken.  I hated to mess with the original stain but he really needed a face lift.  I started to spray him with the left over brown I had from my wall decor, but it just didn’t look right.  So onto the semi-gloss black.  A couple of new shiny knobs and a belly full of bread and he’s right at home!  Now if only I could get rid of those ugly cabinets.  Soon I tell ya, soon!


While I was at the Antique Mall I also picked up this metal decorative piece and it’s exactly what the top of my refabed shelf needed! I just used 2 nails and some liquid nails behind it.  Now I need YOUR HELP!  Should I paint it to match the rest?  I was thinking I would but the metal is kind of unique.  Please leave me a comment with your advice. 🙂  AK! Hubby just informed me I forgot the picture!  That’s what happens when you’re multi-tasking!  Here it is:


I also picked up these frames and bulletin board at a garage sale.  Not my taste but I only bought them for the frames.  I’ll be making one into a fabric covered bulletin board and a dry erase board.  I’ve seen others do a chalk board and it looks nice but function wise, dry erase is so much easier for us.  What do you all think?  I’ll paint the frames so stay tuned for that project.  I also scored 2 additional glass jars for the pantry.  My mom gave me 3 and now I have 5 to put kids snacks in.  The kids know if they are allowed to have a snack they can choose fruit or anything in the jars.  OH and yes that’s a shiny gold shelf.  But he will soon be painted…no fear!