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Thrifty Decorating-My Sons Room-Jaguar Theme-Under $175

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Thrifty Decorating-My Sons Room-Jaguar Theme-Under $175


This is what the room looked like before.  I forgot to take the picture before I starting moving and covering furniture.  It’s the typical thin coat of builders paint=boring!   I took advantage of the Home Depot paint sale back in February.  When I asked him what color he wanted his room to be he said, “Jaguars” (As in the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars).  Whoa that will be shocking, but fun to do.  So we bought paint and I got busy.  First, I painted a square of magnetic paint above where his desk would be.  I did 6 coats, and then taped it off.  Yes those are magnets on there already, since we had to test it out.  Of course I used cheap labor put my son to work.


I bought a few pieces of white trim from Home Depot for super cheap and cut them to go around the magnetic square.  I used liquid nails and tape to hold it into place and then I nailed them in. If you use liquid nails, be sure to get as level as possible before pushing it against the wall.

dsc04605 dsc04604

Then I moved onto the headboard.  Obviously this was all done over the course of several weeks.  I made several purchases at Home Depot, and used a competitor coupon on all of them.

This was my inspiration piece. Notice the price tag!  Bah I can do it for so much cheaper!


I bought a piece of plywood and  2 pieces of 1×2 that were in the cheap scrap  bin.  I purchased batting (the white cushioning over the plywood) and a small piece of teal fabric (40% off) at JoAnn’s.  When I bought the black curtains at Walmart, I also purchased a spare panel to use on the headboard.  Then I purchased  a Jaguar pennant from the local NFL store for under $5, and cut out the logo.  I cut the panel in half, and sewed the teal fabric in the middle, making a stripe.  Then, I ironed on the Jaguar logo.  I stapled the batting around the plywood, then I pulled the black fabric over it and stapled it also.  Here are the photos. My husband made sure I knew that craft projects is NOT what the ping pong table is supposed to be used for.

dsc04995 dsc04997

I wanted the black curtains to reach all the way to the floor and instead of paying almost double for longer panels, I used the leftover teal fabric from the headboard, and put a stripe in them as well.  I even got pretty darn close to the stripes in the curtain and headboard matching!  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I also added a few black floating shelves for pictures and trophies.  I’ll be buying Jaguar bedding from the NFL store, but I’m waiting on a rebate to arrive so it will be free.  Here are the “after” pictures.  Just imagine the black Jaguar comforter on the bed with fluffy pillows.   I wish the pictures did it justice.  It’s hard to get the true colors with the camera flash.  Total Project: Just under $175

dsc04999 dsc04616