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Thrift Store shopping

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Thrift Store shopping

Today I decided to stop at a couple thrift stores.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but haven’t been in a while so I was itching to get back out there.  The first stop I made was at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  If you’ve never been to one of these, you should check it out.  They usually have household items taken out of old places or left over construction stuff from a building projects.  I was excited about checking this one out because I had never been to this location and it looked a lot bigger than the one I frequent.

Here are some pictures of what I found inside:

Chandeliers – They even had some brand new in boxes for $4.99.  I know brass is not really in style but you can check out what Rhoda did at Southern Hospitality or Michelle at A Little Tipsy. Did I tell you how much I LOVE spray paint.  They had tons or knobs.  Not enough of the kind I wanted though.  How about some windows?

Check out this nice white armoire.  If it wasn’t already sold, I might have snagged it!  They also had rows and rows of doors and screen doors.

How about a replica of the bed from Elvis’ house?  I kid you not!

I almost picked up the gutter replacement parts we need for our house, but they didn’t have it in white.  Better luck next time.

Then I headed down the street to the Salvation Army.  Now I have to say that I think the Salvation Army is overpriced.  I specifically think that about the furniture.  But then I spotted this beauty:

It has wonderful chunky legs, and beadboard on the sides:

The price tag said $129 so I assumed there was something wrong with it.  This price was too good to be true for this place.  I started examining it, and opening drawers.  It was practically perfect.  It has a few scuff marks on it and the knobs look slightly yellow.  The drawers look as if they had never been used.  I wondered if this was a floor model that might have been in a window, hence the yellowing.  A nice woman passed by while I was looking it over and agreed it was a great deal.  She also mentioned that it would be 30% off tomorrow (Wednesday).  Well I was on the other side of town, and there was no way I would be there tomorrow when the doors opened.  No way was I letting this baby go.  My daughter needed a dresser!  I had been looking for so long.  In the van it went. Now to figure out where the kids would sit when I picked them up from school.   🙂  I did a little searching tonight and all the Broyhill dressers this size range from $550 to $1200 dollars!  Now that is Saving The Family Money.  SCORE!

Tomorrow I’ll get it cleaned up and put into her room.  I can’t wait!