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This Weeks Thrify Finds!

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This Weeks Thrify Finds!

This week I’m participating in the Thrifty link up over at Southern Hospitality with Rhoda.  There are some amazing things people are doing with their thrifty finds so you should definitely check it out. I was feeling the need to hit a few thrift stores last week, but with it being summer that meant I’d have to tote 2 kids with me.  No problem, with a little bribery they are sure to be on their best behavior.  I let them take turns playing games on my iphone while we drove around.  Then I told them if they were good I’d let them pick something out at the dollar store.  They were excellent and they even helped me shop.

We went to 2 Goodwill stores and at the second one, I scored this lovely basket bench. It’s in great shape.  The best part is the nice Goodwill man came out of the back and practically sat this down right in front of me! And the sticker said $7.99.  Score!  I snatched it up and had the kids stand by and guard it while I looked around more.  They are such big helpers!

Then we headed over to the Quigley House where I got a few things as well.  I never find anything here so I guess I just timed it right.  I spotted this cute organizer for my desk while my daughter was picking out a book.  And it spins for easy access to all the pockets.  Only $5.99. I also saw these little wooden bookends that look homemade but unfinished.  They were only $3.99.  The book was 25 cents.  I painted the bookends and look how cute?  The pink is the color the walls will soon be.  Stayed tuned for that transformation.

File Ears ears2

Then I found these cute decorative pot hangers. They were $3.99 for the pair.  Then I bought 2 pots at the dollar store and spray painted them with the leftover paint from this previous project. They were just what my new outdoor transformation needed!  Insert a couple spider plants and viola!

Planters planter2

Wall planters

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