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Things To Look For When Choosing Essential Oils

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Things To Look For When Choosing Essential Oils

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You are curious about essential oils. You have listened to friends talk about their experience with oils. You’ve even researched by reading articles (such as this one)!

And you’ve come to this all-important question. How do I know which brand of essential oils are best for helping me reach my wellness goals for myself and my family?

I can help answer that question by sharing several reasons that I am confident using Young Living’s essential oils.

Reasons that set Young Living apart from other companies.

“Seed to Seal” quality guarantee

Young Living has made a commitment to ensuring the purity of their oils. They oversee the entire process from the selection of seeds for planting all the way through the production and bottling of the oils. This means that they select seeds for planting; they cultivate and care for the plants themselves; they harvest the plant material; and they handle the distillation and bottling of the oils. This intensive level of commitment to producing a quality product gives me great confidence as I use their oils.

For more about this amazing commitment, visit www.sealtoseal.com .

Farm ownership / partnership

This is REALLY important, as this means that Young Living’s oils come from plant material that has been grown in the parts of the world where that plant flourishes naturally. For example, they are growing Lavender in France. They partner with farms in Oman to gather the resin that becomes Frankincense Oil. These farms all operate under the strict standards of the Seed-to-Seal quality guarantee.

No oil brokers

Young Living does not buy their oils from oil brokers. Doing so would allow them to eliminate the cost of maintaining their own farms and their own oil distilleries. BUT, buying pre-distilled oils from brokers would mean they would sacrifice control over the planting, growth, harvest, and distillation of their products. This is a sacrifice Young Living is not willing to make.

No expiration dates

Look on a bottle of Young Living’s essential oil. You will not see an expiration date. Think about that… No. Expiration. Date! You may see an expiration date on an oil at a store, and that may mean there is another synthetic added that can potentially go bad. Remember anything you put on you, or diffuse into the air, you want to be pure.

(That certainly speaks well of the Young Living “Seed to Seal” purity guarantee!)

A community of support

A readily available community of support is yet another sign of a company committed to helping members receive the maximum benefit of their oils. YoungLiving.com has informational pages and teaching videos designed to help members grow in their knowledge of oils. Anyone who becomes a Young Living member through me has even more support. My fellow Young Living members provide ongoing support and education through online classes, Facebook groups and more.

My final recommendation for using Young Living oils? I simply LIKE the benefits I see for myself and my family as we use these amazing products.

If you would like to talk with me about Young Living oils and how you can begin to benefit from them, please contact me at Karen@savingthefamilymoney.com.