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St. Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Pancakes

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St. Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Pancakes

From the Archives:

This afternoon I made Green Shamrock pancakes that we can eat tomorrow morning, St. Patrick’s Day!  After Valentine’s day I bought this heart cast iron pan.  But if you don’t have heart cookie cutters or molds, you can put the pancake mix in a squeeze bottle like an old ketchup bottle and squeeze the shape of the shamrocks onto a griddle.  I used Bisquick, but you can make your own mix or use a Gluten Free mix.

I used a pancake mix and instead of milk, I used Bolthouse Farms ‘Green Goodness’ Juice. (Found in the refrigerated produce section at Publix.) It’s the exact color of what you see under the label.   Plus it’s great Fruits and Veggies I can sneak into the batter and my kids will never know!  If you don’t have green fruit/veggie juice, you can follow pancake directions and use green food coloring, jello or pudding mix, or anything your imagination can think of.  And YUM they were good!  Yes I snuck a taste early. 🙂


Green Shamrock Pancakes

2 Cups Bisquick
1 Cup Bolthouse Farms ‘Green Goodness’ Fruit Smoothie
2 Eggs

Mix ingredients together and pour on griddle in form of hearts or shamrocks.  I also poured a few in lines to make the stems.

You can use any pancake mix, just follow directions and substitute the liquid ingredient for the fruit smoothie.


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