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Simply Organized – Organizing Your Coupons

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Simply Organized – Organizing Your Coupons

Saving Money on everyday essentials means being organized and yes even clipping coupons. I thought it would be easiest to show you how I organize mine with a little video post, but if you’d prefer pictures, you can read below the video.

I am a visual person so seeing everything laid out is how I like it.  I started years ago with the $1 accordion file from Walmart but it was too difficult to find coupons once I clipped them and I soon gave up entirely.  You will succeed in saving money if you have a system that works for you.

The outside has a vertical file pocket. This is where I place store inserts or printable coupons I haven’t cut out yet and store coupon policies.

I highly recommend printing store coupon policies, so that if there is ever a question, you have it with you to show the cashier. There is an outside zippered mesh pocket that I place my receipts in when done shopping.

The inside has several pockets for pens, calculator, scissors, and my reward cards. Make sure to check out      my post on why reward cards are good for you.

I purchased this zippered pencil pouch separately, for under $2. It has 2 pockets. I use one to place my  coupons in that I plan on using for that particular shopping trip. While I’m shopping, and I pick up an item,   I move that corresponding coupon into the other pocket. Even though I planned to use all the coupons I set    aside, sometimes I get to the store, and they are out of a product or it’s not as good of a deal as I was    expecting. By moving the coupons over as I shop, then I can hand them directly over to the cashier, knowing  I have an item to match each coupon.

Behind that I have a notepad. This is where I make my list and plan my coupons. I would have taken a  picture, with my list on it, so you can see, but my handwriting is scary.
Column 1 is the item and quantity. Column 2 is where I list the coupons I have for that item. Column 3 is the  price before coupons and then column 4 is the final price. I like to write down the price before coupons in  case, for example, I’m using a $5 off $30 purchase. This way I know if I’m going to met that minimum and if  I cross something off while I’m shopping, it’s easy to add my total. I like knowing the final price, so while I’m  at the register, I can recognize quickly if the total is over what I planned, and if there is a problem.

I have my categories separated with see through pocket dividers. This is where I throw coupons, that I pick up  while shopping, which makes it easier to file later.

Behind the pockets are baseball card holders. I got this idea while researching other coupon blogs. They are the  perfect size, see through and easy to organize. This makes it easy to find a coupon, if I’m in a store and see  something on clearance or sale, that I hadn’t planned on.

I have a filing cabinet where I place coupon inserts, in case I need to refer back to them for additional coupons. These are filed by the Sunday date they came out.  What system are you using to organize your coupons? I’d love to hear any ideas you may have as well as answer any questions you have.

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