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Simply Organized – Garage Organization

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Simply Organized – Garage Organization

Our first house did not have a garage, so when we moved into our new house I was ecstatic about having one and organizing my tools.  Yes I said MY tools!  Hubby’s tools consist of the yard tools and that’s about it.  I’m the one with the power saw, nail gun and so forth.

The first thing I wanted to install some garage organization and I wanted a pegboard tool organizer on one of the walls for quick and easy access to everyday tools.

The pegboard is sold at local hardware stores usually in 2 x 4 pieces.  I took a snapshot at my Home Depot to give you an idea on price.  My wall above has 2 pegboards pieces next to each other.  So it measures 4×4.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a suitable wall to install your pegboard on and measure the space you want to use.  If you do not want to use the entire 2×4 pegboard, have your hardware store cut it down to size for you, or do it at home if you have the tools.  You cannot add the pegboard directly to the walls.  You will need a space behind it so that the hooks and tool organizers can be inserted into the pegboard properly.    I used 1 x 2 pieces of wood and formed a frame for the pegboard.  The frame is what I drilled into the wall of the garage, then I screwed the pegboard onto the frame.

After that the fun part is deciding what organizers you want and how to set it up.  I bought a few of the basic hooks at first.  Later I added the black baskets and the blue pencil shelf, and paper towel holder.   This isn’t nearly as organized as it could be but I’m always changing it around and adding and removing stuff.  At least this way hubby and the kids know where to find the hammer and tape measure, even if they are PINK!

(Photo Courtesy of Rubbermaid)

The second organizer we bought was the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organizers.  We started out with a couple of the 48″ rails and added onto that later.  I LOVE this system.  The main reason is because we are always moving and optimizing our space.  Our garage items have changed over the years including new bikes, soccer & basketballs and lawn tools so it’s good to have an item that will change with your family.   The rails are not moveable once you install them but the hooks and accessories are.

Some of our favorite accessories are the Vertical Ball Rack, Mesh storage baskets and the horizontal bike rack.

Obviously our garage does not look like the model picture above.  🙂  But It does keep everything in it’s place.  Here is a picture of the back wall in our garage that we installed 3 rows on and put the mesh baskets on.

There are 5 large baskets and one shelf with hooks. We use the shelf to charge all of our batteries for our tools.  The bottom baskets are a catch all for kids items, like bike helmets, water guns and beach toys.  I like that the kids can reach these baskets and get what they need and also put stuff away.  Top baskets are for mom and dad.  Items like car washing tools, bike pumps and more.

Several times a year hubby and I go out and clean out and reorganize these accessories.  I think it’s about that time!

Do you have any garage organization items that you love?  I’d love to hear how you keep it clean.

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