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Saving Money On Beauty | How To Remove A Gel Manicure

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Saving Money On Beauty | How To Remove A Gel Manicure

Saving Money on Beauty

Earlier this week I posted At Home Gel Manicures and many of you asked me how easy it is to remove the gel.  So here you go!   I actually found that removing the at home gel manicure was WAY easier than removing the salon version.  I’ve done both myself.  The salon version is quite a pain and takes time to remove.  The at home gel manicure was less stressful.

Saving On Beauty  How to remove a Gel manicureHere’s how to remove an at home gel manicure.

1) You will need the following:

Acetone  (This is different from the non-acetone regular polish remover) Some kits, listed below include this.
Cotton balls
Cuticle Stick
Buffer (optional)

2) Cut foil into 10 long pieces.  One for each finger, long enough to wrap around.

3) I usually split cotton balls in half and use a half piece per finger.   You can buff the polish first to create a more porous surface so the acetone penetrates easier.  Saturate the cotton ball in the acetone and place on top of the polish.  Then wrap a foil slice around the cotton ball and finger to secure.  Do this for each finger.  Do one hand at a time all the way through.  Trying to do the opposite hand with foil on is not easy.  🙂

4) Leave foil on fingers approximately 5 minutes.

5) Pull foil off and you should see the polish peeling up at the edges.  Use your cuticle stick to scrap the polish off.  This should come off easy.  Any polish still left on, replace the foil and let soak again while you move onto another finger.

6) Once all the polish is removed, you can take a cotton ball soaked in acetone and remove any excess residue.

7) Buff the nail with a smooth buffer to smooth out the nail surface.  Then you can reapply another Gel Manicure.

Note: You can soak your fingers in a small bowl of acetone but I find this wastes your acetone faster and dries out the skin on  your fingers unnecessarily.

Here are a few kits to get you started:

Sally Hansen Gel Manicure kit (what I have)
Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit
SensatioNail by Nailene Gel Polish Starter Kit, Raspberry Wine
(Prices vary)