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Saving Money On Appliances

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Saving Money On Appliances

Saving money on appliances
We’ve lived in this house for 10 years and except for the refrigerator, we’ve had the original appliances that were here when the house was built 13 years ago.  Unfortunately they are slowly starting to die.  The dishwasher is difficult to turn on with the knob getting stuck often times.  We have to walk away and try again later.  Or oven only has 3 working burners.  After discussing  with repair companies they said it might be better to put the money towards new items.   The good news is, these items still work so we are not in a hurry to buy anything.  This also means we can wait for a deal. We’ve been researching and watching sales and I wanted to share a few of my tips to saving money on appliances.

old dishwasher

I’d been talking to stores and getting information on delivery and installation fees and comparing these things.  Most stores now will price match other stores so it really came down to installation.  The dishwasher is the one that is costly.  I can handle the oven. 🙂

I had been to the local Sears Outlet but nothing caught my eye.  It was also in the very beginning of my research so I didn’t really have any models on my list yet.  The one thing I like about the Sears Outlet is that you can now search online and see what’s at your local store.  My store gets several deliveries a week so I recommend checking often.  I happened across a dishwasher at the top of my list, but it was more of a wish list because I just couldn’t bring myself to spend over $1000 on a dishwasher.  Well this particular model popped up at my local Sears Outlet for $630!  There are pictures of the actual dishwasher online but you can’t really see details. It says it was a floor model, has been tested and it even listed it’s defects (dent on front, dent on side, scratch on front etc).  I headed out to inspect it for myself.

I talked to the Sears employee about warranties, delivery fees etc and spent about an hour examining the dishwasher, pulling out the drawers and doing a thorough inspections as best I could.  When shopping these outlets you have to decide if any damage will be ok for you to live with.  We bought our garage refrigerator here and it had a dent on the side.  But we didn’t care because it was going in the garage.

This dishwasher has a few scratches on the very bottom but honestly I can hardly see them unless I’m sitting on the floor next to it!  It also had some blue material on the handle but I was able to get some off with my fingernail, so I knew I could clean it up at home.  I won’t tell you how I cringe at all the stickers the stores put directly ON the front.  That is fun to get off.  There is also a small dent on the top left of the dishwasher. I had to angle the camera a few times to get a good pic, it’s that small!  Can you see it?!

appliance defect

This small dent was not going to bother me.   But you have to take that into consideration when looking at purchasing outlet merchandise.  I was excited to see they also had the oven on my ‘want’ list.  But I knew my prices.  You see the dishwasher is originally $1,099 but I’ve seen it as low as $989.  The outlet price was $630.  That’s a significant savings.  The oven however was $714 at the outlet and I’d seen it as low as $789 brand new in the stores.  The oven had a dent on the top display area that is close to eye level.  Considering where the dent was and that the item was only slightly marked down.  I decided not to get the oven.  Again, we are not in a rush so I can hold out for a better deal.

Here are things to consider when shopping for appliances:

Will the store price match other stores?

How much is delivery?

How much is installation?  Does that include the dishwasher hose kits or the oven cord?  Yes you have to buy those separately!

Do they charge to haul away old appliances?  Most stores are charging for this now, upwards of $25 per appliance.  If you’re ok with it being placed at the curb for garbage day, ask them, some will place it there for you for free.

If you’re not in a hurry and looking for a specific dishwasher, stores occasionally offer free installation for specific brands.  So wait and watch for something like that.  It could save you over $140. You could install it yourself if you’re handy, but be sure to ask if this effects the warranty.

Package pricing is also nice if you are buying several items at once.  But keep in mind you have to buy all the same brand.

Some store managers have the ability to lower prices even more to get your business.  Don’t be afraid to ask for more money off!

Stores will often offer a % off your purchase if you use their store credit card.  This is great if you already have one.  If you don’t and were planning on paying cash, you can take advantage of the credit card offer and pay the credit card off immediately.

Make a list of the features you care about.  I always found it funny when shopping online for a dishwasher and one of the top ‘features’ was the hidden controls.  While that is nice, wouldn’t you want one of the top features to be that the dishwasher actually CLEANS your dishes?  Looks are important but function is key.