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Repurposing home decor into focal points ~ It’s all about that base

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Repurposing home decor into focal points ~ It’s all about that base

repurposing home decor

By Contributing writer Laura.

We’ve all seen the trend~ from frames to clocks to clipboards to just about any home decor, everything is being raised on a pedestal.  The benefit of this in decorating is to allow you height that you normally would not have and also making the item more of a statement on a shelf, desk, mantle or wherever else you choose to display your home decor.  For this project I wanted to show you just how easy it is to create this same trend with items you have laying around the house with inexpensive frames or even the cute wood signs that are in every store now (and quite often 50% off). Repurposing Home Decor you already have is easy.  These are a few retail items I saw when shopping for this project~most were $29.99:IMG_1358For my project I decided on a frame.  This is super simple, very inexpensive and fun to do. This really does look like I bought it this way and it enables me to get the type of frame I want instead of being forced to buy what the stores sell.  There is ALWAYS satisfaction in knowing that you made something, even if it is semi-homemade!


A frame OR clock, wood sign, jar, etc.

Wood Base~they sell these square, rectangle, round, oval, and just about every shape.  Choose the one that looks best with you topper.

Candlestick or base item~they sell so many of these at craft stores and I have also found them at Lowes.  For the glass project included at the end of this post I used a standard candlestick I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  For this project I wanted it to be shorter so I purchase a bag of candlesticks from Hobby Lobby 6 for $3.99 and of course I used a coupon!!

E6000 GLUE~ I have found this to be the best for durability.

Craft Paint~ I took the frame to the acrylic paint aisle and matched it as closely as I could.  It really isn’t as close as it looks but after distressing you cannot tell there is a difference. For this project I used Folk Art/Raw Umber.

Paint brush~ I buy the cheap foam brushes in bulk.  Sometimes Michaels sells these individually for $.05 each~ This past week Michaels had 20 prepackaged for $1.99 so I stocked up!

Sandpaper(optional)~for distressing


Step 1:  Glue the candlestick bases together.  You can make these as tall as you want.  I chose to only use 2 for this project.

Step 2:  Glue the combined candlestick bases to the bottom base.  Again, this is a personal preference.  Since I had a rectangle frame, I wanted an oval base.  Let the glue dry for Step 1 &2.


Step 3:  Paint the entire base.  If you will be able to see the top of the candlestick (if the top item is not as thick as the base) make sure you paint the part that will be showing.  Let this dry! I know the base looks darker and not the same color but just wait until you see the finished product and see how dry paint and distressing changes things! If your project does NOT match, you can always mix a few paint colors.  Wax can also disguise differences in color if needed.  For this project, I used the ONE color and distressed it and it was perfect.


Step 4:  Glue the top item to the base.  Make sure it is centered!

If you choose to distress the base, you may choose to sand it before gluing the top part on.  I got a little excited and glued it first!


As you can see, this really does look like I bought it this way!  Imagine the possibilities.  In all honesty, I hoped to turn this frame the opposite way, remove the back and put my Aunt Earleens prized Strawberry Heaven recipe in it for my kitchen window sill.  The back was not removable so I adjusted my plans.  Sometimes projects don’t turn out the way you had hoped but make adjustments accordingly and most projects turn out great, even if not the way you intended.  Don’t let your fear of a FLOP stop you from getting your craft on!!!

While shopping my creativity was FLOWING and I took a few pictures of other options.   A small wood sign becomes a focal point on a base!!



A few years ago I made the glass cylinder below. I love it on my mantle.  I keep coastal type items in it most of the year but it is super easy to take the top off and fill it with seasonal items.  For instance, I fill it with hearts for Valentines Day and tie a red ribbon around the base.  A simple decor change that really brings a little bit of the holiday in!


(3) round bases, two just a little smaller than the other. The smaller round needs to fit on top of the jar so you can attach the finial which usually has a screw attachment.

Glass cylinder jar with lid (Hobby Lobby)


Paint and Paintbrush


I simply painted all of the wood black and painted the silver jar lid black.  I glued everything together and screwed the finial into the top.  As you can see, it looks great next to my collection of over 1800 sharks teeth which is another hobby of mine!


I hope your creative wheels are turning with this project.  Just think of all the cute ideas that are possible by simply adding a base and some height to items.  Use your imagination!  I would love to see what you come up with!