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Quick and Easy Holiday Organizer

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Quick and Easy Holiday Organizer


Quick and easy holiday organizer

By Contributing writer Jessica.

Even though it is only November, I want to stay organized for the upcoming holiday season.  Just like everyone else, my calendar is already filling up with trips, parties, and responsibilities.  I have a planner that I love, but it is too big to carry with me in my purse.  This holiday organizer is perfect – small, cheap, and easy to make.  These organizers are great not only for the holidays but also for parties, weddings, and events.  I am also carrying one for my son’s first birthday party.

To make your own planner all you need is a composition notebook, scrapbook paper, a glue stick and sticky tabs (post-it notes would work too).  I traced the outline of the notebook on scrapbook paper and then cut two pieces for the front and back.  I used a glue stick to attach the paper and then cut a coordinating piece to glue on the spine.  Modge podge would also work if you wanted to make it a little sturdier.  I typed up a little sign to glue on the front.

Inside, I glued a calendar in the font and an envelope in the back to keep gift receipts.

holiday organizer calendarI chose the tabs that fit my needs but the paper can be divided into any number of categories.  I have a tab for holiday cards.  This is a place for me to gather ideas for holiday cards as well as a place to glue addresses so that I can address my cards sometime while I’m waiting.  I also have a tab for gifts.  I plan on keeping lists, ideas, and final purchases.  I hope to do a lot of my shopping well ahead of time.  Another tab is for Elf on the Shelf ideas.  This will be our first year with our elf so I’m keeping ideas here as I come across them.  Finally, I have a recipe tab to keep a list of things to make and ingredients to buy.  I have plenty of space in the back to add tabs if I find other things to add to my organizer.

holiday organizer tabs

I really enjoy having all of my holiday related thoughts in one place and love that these only take a few minutes to make.

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