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Publix Digital Coupons and The Publix Smartphone App

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Publix Digital Coupons and The Publix Smartphone App


Publix digital coupons are coming to a store near you!  You’ll need to register on the Publix Website here to have access to these coupons.  Once you’ve registered you simply browse the list of digital coupon and “clip” the ones you will use.  Then when you checkout at Publix you will be prompted for your phone number (the one you registered with).

My local Store Manager (in Oakleaf) says that this will pop up on the check out display (Debit card machine) but just to be sure, let your cashier know you want to use your digital coupons.

They are rolling this out is some areas sooner than others.  Online, it told me March 8th for my Jacksonville area.  However, when I spoke with the Oakleaf Store Manager he said they would start accepting them with the new sale ad on March 7th….next week!

You’ll want to download the free Publix app to keep on your smartphone.  From there you can access the ecoupon and clip them or unclip them while you are shopping.  So even if you forget to bring coupons, you can view the ecoupons while you are in the store and clip any you might use.    Above is a screen shot of 2 coupons I have already “clipped” for use on my phone.   You can’t use a paper MFR coupon with these digital coupons.  So you’ll have to decide which coupon you’ll use.  You might choose the higher value or the one expiring the sooner.  If you find a better paper coupon in the store, you can simply pull up the app and “unclip” the digital one.

You DO NOT NEED A SMARTPHONE to use these coupons.  Simply head to the Publix Website here and clip them before you head to the store.

Who’s excited to try these out?