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Progress To Better Health and A Little Mud

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Progress To Better Health and A Little Mud

mud run

This weekend I participated in my very first 5K.  The Lozilu 5K Women’s Mud Run is a charity mud run to raise money for children’s Leukemia and lymphoma.   I lost a friend to leukemia when I was in High School, so this is a cause I’m happy to support.

My sister has done a mud run before and convinced me it would be loads of fun!  Wait, you want me to run a 5K with obstacles, in the mud?  I am not a runner but I’m so glad I did it.

In April of 2012, I had heart catheter ablation done to try to fix the premature ventricular contractions I was having.   Unfortunately, they couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of the problem.  So I’m taking matters into my own hands.

I’ve started walking while I work and eating better.   My heart doesn’t bother me like it did a year and a half ago.   It’s not a life threatening problem but I was highly annoying.

I’m no where near the shape I want to be in.  I got winded the first 1/4 mile into this run, but it got better.   I’m glad I had the support of my sister, my cousin and her daughter.

It was a blast and I’ll do it again!  Here’s to hoping I can run the entire 5K next time.  🙂