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Printable Coupons At The Gas Station

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Printable Coupons At The Gas Station

We have a brand new gas station by us and today was the first time I went there to fill up. As I’m pumping my gas, I see this on the display:

Whoa! I can print a coupon while I’m pumping my gas?  Multitasking at it’s finest. I press the “print now” button and see this:

I wanted to yell some expletives but feared if someone came over and asked, “Ma’am, are you ok?”, that me responding, “NO, my coupons would NOT print!!!!”, would just not be appropriate.
I did feel better when my receipt did not print and assumed the pump was just out of paper. I walked over to the next pump but it appears you need to be ‘making a purchase’ to see them. Would it have been weird to ask the woman next to me, “Excuse me, if you aren’t printing your coupons, may I?”
I know, I’ve gone over the deep end!