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Personalized~Homemade Teacher Gifts/Mother’s Day

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Personalized~Homemade Teacher Gifts/Mother’s Day

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Well, I love being creative, but I don’t always have the patience for it.  I was watching an infomercial, yes, I know, but it was about the Cricut machine and I thought I could learn something.  And I DID!  I was inspired to make personalized teachers gifts.  Since I already had a cricut machine for scrapbooking, I thought I’d break out of my shell and try something new with it.  I headed to the store with my Michael’s printable coupon and bought the Cricut vinyl in black.  You can use any color for this project, but I thought if I had any leftover, I could use it in my  son’s room.  Unfortunately, you cannot use a coupon on the Cricut products…BUMMER. I understand the machines and cartridges, but come one people, why can’t we use it on the consumables?  Joann’s printed a coupon once that specified those, so I was able to use it on a cutting mat.  Ok, back on subject.  I also purchased glass vases on sale for $2.99 each and glass etching cream.  I used the Jasmine cartridge and cut out, “Mrs XYZ helps us Grow”.  Then I pealed off the vinyl and used the negative as a stencil.  I place it on the glass, then added the etching cream for 5-10 minutes.  I made 2 of these and I was able to use the bottom words twice, thus saving vinyl for other projects.


I had a hard time getting a good photo of the final result.  But here is the best one:



Then I thought I’d go out to my garden and clip some flowers to put inside them, but I ran into this:


I know!  So, it was only like 3 feet long and looked like it had already eaten.  But I have a phobia healthy fear of snakes.  I couldn’t have taken this picture without a zoom.  So onto plan B, flowers from the store.  It’s hard to see the etching in the picture, but doesn’t it look beautiful?  And it is more personal than just flowers.  I can’t wait to have the kids take them in tomorrow.  Oh and how great would this be for a Mother’s Day gift?!  You can have it say anything and put anything in it.  If you do this, please send me a picture!