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Pantry Organization Ideas ~ Organize Chip Bags On The Cheap

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Pantry Organization Ideas ~ Organize Chip Bags On The Cheap

 Kitchen Pantry Organization

While I was organizing my pantry this weekend I was contemplating what to do with our bags of chips.  I had been keeping them in a basket but inevitably they’d get lost and someone would open a new bag before another was finished.    I started searching for pantry organization ideas I spotted these Rubbermaid hanging clips.  I thought it was perfect! So I began looking for a cheaper way to do it.

While in Walmart yesterday I spotted these pant hangers that would be perfect.

Chip Clips

Not only were the clips detachable from the hanger but they also had a hole in the top for a hook.  The price of $1.97 couldn’t be beat for a 2 pack, giving me 4 clips.  I also had S hooks at home that worked perfectly.    You may even already have something similar in  your closet.  Be sure to watch for some at thrift stores or garage sales.

Pantry organization chips

So the 4 clips and 3 pack of S Clips ran me, under $4.

There are many used for these, not just chips.  You could organize snacks in ziplocks, open cooking supplies like chocolate chips or coconut flakes.