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Our New Kitten and Saving Money On Pet Care

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Our New Kitten and Saving Money On Pet Care

Last week my daughter had camp at the Humane Society.  She did this last summer and requested to go again this year.  As many of you know, we adopted Pepper there 2 years ago and she’s been a wonderful addition to our family.  It’s been a few years since we lost our cats, Elis and Mickey.    I always had animals growing up.  Hubby didn’t want any more cats because the last few years with our elderly cats were hard.  I’ve done pretty good getting my fix from fostering and visiting the adoption centers and giving the cats love.

Everyday I picked my daughter up from camp she begged me to go into the kitten room with her.  I stayed strong everyday and kept telling her that on the last day, Friday, we’d go in and see them.  My daughter asked to hold a kitten and the volunteer in the room gave her the kitten she had been holding.

New kitten

This 8 week old kitten laid in her lap, belly up and purred.  Oh my, we were BOTH smitten! This was NOT good!  I messaged hubby the picture above, but it wouldn’t send because the cell signal in the kitten room was bad.  Probably a sign we should have just left, but we didn’t. I held the kitten and couldn’t believe how trusting she was.  She let me move her around in any position and just purred.  She even crawled up by my neck and snuggled.

We put the kitten away and went outside to see the dog that my daughter had been working with all week at camp.  I then tried to send hubby the picture again.  It sent, and I followed with the text, “I want”.  lol

He responded with a list of demands:

I will not clean up after that, I will not deal with any issues, etc.

I looked at my daughter and said, “Daddy didn’t say NO!”  I mean he didn’t really say yes, but he didn’t say no!  lol  So I had a chat with the kids and told them we had to be responsible and they were going to have to help take care of the kitten.  Including the litter box.  They agreed.  We also had to be sure she and Pepper got along.

Adoption fees are only $20 all summer and if you adopt an animal over 3 years old it’s free.  We proceeded with adopting “Sable” and then we took her to the Humane Society thrift store.  We purchased food dishes and an open box of cat litter.  There were no litter boxes that were in decent condition, so we got one on clearance at the pet store.

As soon as we got home, Pepper was also smitten!  She was so excited to have a playmate.  We watched them closely for days to be sure Pepper didn’t get too rough with her.  The kitten is pretty tiny compared to Pepper but she held her own.  Using those paws to swat at Pepper when she got too close.

This was taken 2 hours after we got home.

One big happy family

Then 1 day later

Sleeping furry babies

Hubby puts up this tough exterior but he’s a big softie.  When he said he didn’t want to clean up after this new family member he also said, “The only thing I’ll do is give it love”.  Well ok then.

This was Saturday morning after the adoption. Coffee in bed with both babies.

Big Daddy

He picked the cat up from MY lap and put her there.  Then when I reached over to pet the kitten, he shoved my hand away!  RUDE  lol

Where ever the kitten is, you can usually find Pepper.  This is under my desk while I was working one day.


My daughter took this picture of playtime.  Pepper lets the kitten paw at her and nibble on her ear.  Pepper also licks the kitten all over.  It’s too cute.


Ok, enough kitten pics.  🙂  Be sure to check out my post on saving money on pet care.   One of my tips was also featured on Kiplinger.com this week.