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Our New Furry Friend ~ Time to Clip Pet Coupons Again

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Our New Furry Friend ~ Time to Clip Pet Coupons Again

We lost our last cat last year.  Another cat the year before that, and our Basset Hound a few years prior.  After dealing with aging and sick pets, we took a break for a while.    Here is one of my favorite pictures of our son (now 11) with 2 of our previous pets when he was a baby.


Honestly we had concerns about getting another pet.  We wanted to travel more and with hubby’s allergies, we decided to not get any more pets right now.  Both of us grew up with pets and it wasn’t long before I was starting the conversations again.  Hubby has been the strong hold but yesterday he said, “you know I want one as much as you do”.  That’s all it took and I was putting on my shoes!  The kids did not know we were thinking about it, as we did not want to disappoint them if it didn’t work out.  Hubby and I went off on our journey alone and stopped at 2 local pets stores that were having adoption events.  With no luck, our next stop was the Jacksonville Humane Society.    We really did not have a specific age or breed in mind.  We were letting out instincts guide us.  We wrote down the names of 2 dogs age 1-2 years that caught our eyes and proceeded to fill out the paperwork to get more information.  Then I heard they had a puppy room and I had to check that out.

Our kids are 8 and 11 and when they were born we had pets already, so they’ve never experienced a new pet, much less a puppy.   The question was, did we want to take on all the training that comes with a new puppy?  We didn’t see any puppies that interested us until our second trip around the room.  This kennel had people in front of it before, so we didn’t see what was inside, cute 2 month old lab mixes.

At the Humane Society, after filling out paperwork with the names you are interested in, they give you a pager to wait for a counselor.  After getting a pager, we were told we could then hold the puppies.

Hubby snapped this picture and said, “Well I guess we know which one we’re getting now”.  We sat down with the counselor and got all the information on her and finished paperwork.  Then we hopped into the car to take her home and meet the kids.

She got nice and comfy on the way home with hubby. I can already tell they will be napping buddies.  The kids were excited and very surprised.  They kept asking, “are we keeping her?”   Her humane society name was ‘peace’, but we changed it to Pepper.

Here she is meeting our Daughter.

And taking a nap with our son.

She’s doing really well with potty training and playing in her new environment.   Her world revolves around eating, playing and sleeping.   Much like an infant, I must sleep when she does.  🙂