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Office Furniture Refab ~ Part II

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Office Furniture Refab ~ Part II

Remember last week when I showed you how I restyled an office desk to make is stylish? If you didn’t, head on over here and see all the fun.  I’m participating in two parties this week, Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch AND Rhoda’s party over at Southern Hospitality.   Oh and in this post Rhoda visited the longest yard sale!  My friend Kelly and her hubby also went and I’m so jealous! Hey Kelly I hope you had a blast!  When I redid our daughters room I took out the ugly massive tall white boring book shelf and it’s been sitting in the garage.   I promise I’ll post about her room redo soon.  Here’s the poor neglected shelf in the garage.  I had already taken out 3 of the shelves when I took this picture.  I decided while I was doing the desk, that I could do something similar to the bookshelf and it could actually be function-able.  I saw this pegboard in the Do it yourself magazine of a craft room and decided I could make something similar.

Shelf before Mag Example

I have a pegboard in the garage where all our my most used tools are kept.  I love having easy access to them.  Soon I’ll label them all so the kids can learn what each tool is called and how to spell it!  hehe  I’m starting to explain these things to them so they can learn, and also fetch me something when I’m working!  🙂  I purchased some pegboard at Home Depot and cut it down so the pieces would fit on the inside walls of the shelf unit.

shelf1 shelf2 shelf3

Once the pieces have been cut, I nailed them to the inside.  Then I continued to put up the textured wallpaper and trim on the outside, just like I did with the desk.  This will tie them both together.  It’s important to caulk the seams to make it look like it was originally built that way!  See how it blends right into the walls now?  Then it was time to prime the ugly laminate.  When a little princess walks by with her pj’s still on and asks to help, you should definitely let her help!  It’s good for her, and gives you a break.  After priming, I painted it in the ‘eloquent ivory’ that I had left over from the desk.  I then had to cut down the original shelves because after adding the pegboard they no longer fit inside.  It looks great but I still have some work to do.  Upon placing the pegs in, to hold up the other shelves, I realized the holes on the left and the right were not lined up.  I can’t believe I did not think about this when I put the pegboard in!  But it looks like it might be ok?


shelf after side shelf after 2

I’ll be making cute paper covered magazine holders, and cans similar to the magazine picture above.  I can hang scissors and hole punches for easy access.  I have been looking for a decorative piece to put on the top to fancy it up.  Here are some pics I saw that I’d like to do.  The first one I’ve seen on Rhoda’s site at Southern Hospitality. If anyone has any ideas on what I could do or where I could get supplies, please send them my way!  I can’t wait to start organizing it!

Bookcase Displays and Vignettesbookcase.jpg 669×1024 pixels