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New Winn-Dixie Mobile App Offers Customized Savings

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New Winn-Dixie Mobile App Offers Customized Savings

Winn Dixie mobile appI LOVE mobile apps and if they make my life easier AND save me money it’s a bonus!  Winn-Dixie shared information with me about their new My Winn-Dixie app that does both!  Right now you can download the My Winn-Dixie mobile app free via iPhone and Android app stores.

Now through May 27th, 2015, if you download the app you’ll get a coupon for a FREE one dozen large Winn-Dixie eggs.  Click the check mark next to coupons you want saved to your account.

my winn dixe app

Now available in the App Store My Winn-Dixie will personalize the shopping experience by providing:

  • Customized coupons based on individual shopping habits
  • Fuelperks! and savings/rewards trackers
  • Shopping lists
  • Store locator maps

Here’s what Winn-Dixie says about the app:

The coupons on our new app and site are delivered to each customer based on his or her shopping behaviors and geographic interests and then prioritized so those that most closely match their preferences appear first. No other grocer in the Southeast offers this kind of personalization. Customers can easily click and save offers and redeem them using either their physical reward card, phone number look-up, or the app’s digital reward card at the register. My Winn-Dixie offers customers the same functionality on both the mobile app and website, so customers can use the features at home or while in the store.

Here’s how to get started:

Winn Dixie app

  • Check your email to confirm your registration.
  • The personalized coupons will be delivered online or via the mobile app.
  • Save them to your account and then when your card is scanned at checkout your coupons will be redeemed.

I LOVE that I can now use the app instead of digging for my Winn-Dixie card.  I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring it in with me and my phone number had not been updated yet.  Now you have 3 ways to use your card. Scan the reward card, give the cashier the phone number attached to your account or use the mobile app.

The app keeps track of your fuelperks and will tell you how much you need to spend to reach your next fuelperk reward.

Clipping these coupons and redeeming them digitally, will help you save on printer paper and ink! You can view your local stores weekly ad from the app as well.

Winn Dixie is also having a sweepstakes right now, to win free groceries for a YEAR! You can enter the Winn-Dixie sweepstakes here and once you do, you’ll also get a $10 off $100 purchase coupon!  Coupon will be automatically uploaded to your card within 3 business days.  Check your email for when it’s ready. 

*Disclosure: I was given a Winn-Dixie gift card in exchange for sharing this information. All opinions are my own.