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My Local TV Debut – Helping Jacksonville Save Money

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My Local TV Debut – Helping Jacksonville Save Money

I was so excited to be invited onto The First Coast News Moms Like Me Segment by Patricia Crosby.  Unfortunately Patricia was out sick when I arrived and I did not get to meet her in person.

I was trying really hard not to be nervous, cause once it gets in your head, it’s there!  Anyway, I am more of a behind the computer gal, so this is WAY outside my comfort zone.  But I’m glad I did it and I’d probably do it again.

I love teaching my coupon classes. They are a great way to share information and meet wonderful people.   Obviously there is no way to get all the juicy information to people in a 2 minute video.  Those of you who have been to a 1 hour class know this.

Alright here is the video in case you missed it.    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and support from everyone who saw it.