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Multiplying A Little With The Can-A-Week Project

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Multiplying A Little With The Can-A-Week Project

Guest Post by my good friend Steve:

In the bible there is a story of the multiplication of loaves of bread and fishes. In this story Jesus takes the few little fish one boy has and multiplies them to feed over 5000 people. After reading or hearing this story close to a hundred times in my life it never came to life as a way to reach out and help feed people in need. It was an article in April 2010 issue of the Women’s magazine “Real Simple” that started me thinking how easy it could be to help people.

The article was “Their Gifts of Time” and in it was the story of 34-year-old Matt Shipman. Matt started the “First Step Project” where he began collecting items from his coworkers for a local women’s shelter. My first thought was that helping couldn’t be that easy. How could collecting just a few items at a time help anyone more than me just taking a bag of groceries a month to the food bank?


If ten people give one item per week, it makes a difference. If one hundred give it makes an impact. If one thousand give it begins to change a culture. When every small effort is multiplied we can see a change that an individual large gift can never do.

Our Motto

1 Person – 1 Can – Multiplied

1 Person (You)

Giving 1 Can (canned vegetable, package of pasta, pudding mix, canned meat)

or (A Travel size shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, 1 bar of soap)

Multiplied Add 100, 1000, 10,000 What number can you add to it.

Every little bit helps is not a cliché, it’s a fact. If everyone does just a little we can make a big difference.

If you are interested in starting your own Can-A-Week Project, or if you live in the Jacksonville area and would like us to pick up your cans you can contact Steve here.

Thanks for starting such a great project Steve!

I would like to contribute, so here’s what I’m going to do.  For every purchase made of the All You magazine from now until Thanksgiving, I’ll take the proceeds to buy groceries.  I’ll shop the deals and spread the money as far as it will go, and then we will donate it to the local food bank!

OH, and you’ll benefit too, because this All You Magazine deal is only .83¢ an issue.  The lowest price I’ve seen.

Here’s how you get the deal:

  • Head over to the Magazine Website
  • Click on Support Us
  • Click Browse The Store
  • Then at the top right, do a search for All You Magazine
  • Select your subscription type
  • Proceed to Checkout

This could be fun!  Publix won’t even see me coming. 🙂