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How To Make An Infinity Scarf

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How To Make An Infinity Scarf

how to make an infinity scarf

I love infinity scarves and my daughter and I decided the other day that we would make some as Christmas gifts.  Follow these easy steps on How to make an infinity scarf.

We headed to the fabric store to find something fun and soft.  You can really choose any material, but you want to keep a few things in mind.

1) Is it a fabric I want to wear around my neck
2) Will it lay nicely, wrinkle easily, fray etc
3) Does the negative (underside) of the fabric match the front (Since both sides will show, you want a fabric that is the same on both sides)

You’ll need approximately 2 yards of fabric and the width of most fabrics at the stores will be enough to make 2 scarves from one 2 yard cut.

infinity scarf

Measurements of material should be 21″ wide x 60″ long.  Finished scarf will be approximately 20″ wide by 30″ long (once complete).

We found this fun flannel fabric and as a bonus, it was 50% off, so we made 2 scarves for under $10 in fabric.

infinity scarf 2

Cut the fabric in half length wise, so you get 2 equal pieces, both 2 yards long.

Infinity Scarf materials

You’ll also need either Fray check or Heat n Bond hem, or items similar.  If your material is very thin, it maybe easier to use liquid fray check, instead of trying to sew or heat bond the edges.  I decided to use the heat and bond since these are gifts and I didn’t have time to verify the fray check would work on this material.  I could sew the edges but I didn’t want the lines and heat n bond allows you to have clean edges without obvious stitching.

Infinity scarf3

Fold in the edges about 1/4 inch and iron down.

Infinity scarf 4

Then once the frayed edges are ironed down, fold down again and place the heat and bond under the fold.  Secure down with your iron according to heat and bond directions.   My heat and bond was 3/8″ wide so that is what my hem is.

Do this on the length of both sides of the fabric.

Then do the same thing on one of the ends. On the other end, just fold in the frayed edge about 1/4 inch and iron down.  This will make it easier to sew a clean line when you sew both ends together.

infinity scarf 5

Take the bottom of the fabric, the one with only the small 1/4 inch ironed down,  fold it up with the underside of the fabric on the table and facing up.  The front or main side of the fabric will be facing each other and touching.

infinity scarf 6

Then fold over the left side, where the finished seam (heat bonded) side is now facing up, on top of the frayed edge.  This makes for a clean seam.

Infinity scarf 7

Pin these together and stitch down both sides of the finished edge.

Infinity Scarf 8

That’s all there is to it!  You are done!  I would have gotten 2 scarves done in one night, but my sewing machine needed some fixing, so I spent some time on that.  You can do these this weekend!  Wrap around neck and hang like a regular scarf.  Double wrap around the neck, and even pull some up to protect your head.  I’m making more this weekend with my 50% off fabrics!

How to make your own infinity scarf