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Laundry and Toilets In London

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Laundry and Toilets In London


So I bet you’re curious what I’m going to tell you about today?  lol

When hubby and I packed for our London Trip, I mentioned that we packed light and only took 1 carry on and 1 backpack each.  This ended up being good because one of our flights was canceled and we had to catch another one.  No telling where our luggage would have ended up if we had checked it.  I had a basic black skirt, quick dry khaki pants, Black leggings that look like black jeans and a pair of shorts.  I also brought 4 tops that I could mix with each bottom.  The first hotel we stayed in had a laundry service, but that costs per piece.  They also have a washing machine and dryer on one of the floors.  So after hubby went to work one morning, I took our laundry, a book and headed down.  I did get some change at the coffee shop, and I was a bit nervous about what the machine would need, since I was new at the whole pound/pence currency.


The bad news?  There was only 1 washer and 1 dryer but they were empty and I discovered they were FREE to use!  You had to have your hotel room key to get into the room, but that’s it.  They even had detergent and softener already hooked up to the machines so I didn’t have to buy that either.  Score!

I did laundry twice while we were there and the 2nd time someone had stuff in the dryer and it was still there when my items were ready to go in.  I waited an additional 2o min for someone to show up to get their laundry out, while I stewed over what to do.  I didn’t want to touch someone else’s laundry but they have timers and surely the person knew they only needed 45 min?    Well I ended up taking it out and putting in on one of the chairs.  My laundry dried in the next 45 min and when I went back, that person’s laundry was STILL in the chair.  So I know I made the right decision, but it bothered me to have to make it at all.  What would you have done?  Have you ever been in a dilemma like that?


Would you believe in many public places like parks, train stations and airports, you have to pay to use the restroom?  Well you do!  And when you have to pee, and you only have 20 minutes to catch your next train, it’s not easy to figure out the foreign currency in a hurry, for 2 people!  We did it but my hubby was NOT happy about it.  LOL  I think he was mentally calculating how much they were making each day off this ‘pay to pee’ location.