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I’m a Coupon Addict and I’m Not Ashamed

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I’m a Coupon Addict and I’m Not Ashamed

Encore Post: This is in honor of a friend….you know who you are! ¬† ūüôā


Hello, my name is Karen, and I’m a coupon addict. ¬†It happened rather slowly, because I resisted the peer pressure. ¬†My sister in law kept trying to push them on me. ¬†She kept mumbling things like, reward cards and couponizer. ¬†She persisted, because she knew it would be good for me. ¬†I finally gave in, as it was getting harder to avoid her, and I wanted to be part of the “IN” crowd. ¬†It was hard at first. ¬†I didn’t know where I was going to get my stash or how to use them. ¬†I started slowly and nervously handed over my coupons to the cashier, as if I was doing something wrong. ¬†I started to see the savings, then I was hooked, and it only got worse from there. ¬†I needed to know what the sales were going to be before the current one was even over. ¬†I dreamt about coupons and where I was going to score my next deal.

So now I have my stash, it’s gotten more attention in the last few months than my kitchen. ¬†Everything else has been neglected. ¬†It’s May and the kids still have their winter clothes in their drawers. ¬†Laundry gets done and sits on the couch until I can fold it (usually when American Idol is on). ¬†My clothes have made it to the top of my dresser, no time to actually sort and put them in the drawers, must post another deal! ¬†I’m on book #3 of the Twilight series, but I’ve been on chapter 2 for over a month. ¬†I’m too busy tweeting on twitter on my iphone during my free time. ¬†Wow that was a sentence I never thought I’d be writing. And by free time let me clarify, I mean in the car pool pick up line at the kids school.

I’ve stolen from my parents, if you call using their ink and paper to print coupons as stealing. ¬†When hubby would suggest dinner at the pizza place, I’d freak out when I couldn’t find the coupon that I just saw yesterday. ¬†Why can’t I be better organized? ¬†I’d find a deal and I’d get the shakes, that would not stop until I could write a post to share it with all of you. ¬† My husband complains that I am on the computer more than he is now, and that’s saying a lot. ¬†My computer is too slow for me right now, so I’m using my husbands. ¬†I tried to print some high value coupons the other day, but the coupon printing software had to be installed on his computer. ¬†Losing¬†precious¬†time, I started to get worried my stash would not be there when I had the need. ¬†My husband and I have always been planners, but he’s starting to break out of his shell. ¬†It’s completly throwing me for a loop. ¬†Especially when he wants to stop by the store on the way home and I don’t have my coupon binder. ¬†Or he decides to swing by and pick up dessert as a surprise and I say, “oh man I had a coupon for that!”

Here are some of the benefits to my addiction:

  • We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck and I don’t have to warn my hubby days before payday, that he shouldn’t debit anything.
  • We are paying off our debt much quicker than expected
  • We’re teaching our kids the value of money. ¬†It’s embedded¬†in their brains that we “can’t do that b/c it’s too expensive” or “we’re going here because we have a coupon/discount”. ¬†They are also learning to save their money for something they really want/need instead of wasting it away at the dollar store.
  • We can spend the extra money on things we enjoy instead of household necessities.
  • It’s giving me a sense of value as a stay at home mom. ¬†My husband brings home the paycheck but it’s my job to be a good steward of our finances.
  • I’m enjoying working on my website and sharing what I’ve learned with others. ¬†My husband is a webmaster, so I’m learning a lot from him and it gives us something to learn and grow from together. ¬†Mostly just something to talk about on date nights besides the kids!

When I come home from a shopping trip, my husband likes to guess how much I spent.  He is actually really good at this.  He can probably tell how well I did based on how big my smile is!

Some of my favorite words:

Saving Money

I’m starting a support group. ¬†Leave me a confession comment about your addiction and your funniest/best/worst experience as an addict. ¬†And join me on Facebook!¬†