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Ice Cream and Peaches Summer Treat

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Ice Cream and Peaches Summer Treat

Ice Cream and Peaches

Today my sister gave me peaches out of her garden and they are SO good!  I picked up some vanilla ice cream to make one of my favorite summer treats, ice cream and peaches.

You’ll start seeing more peaches on sale at the stores as it comes into the hight of peach season.  This is the time to buy them.  For this treat all you need to do is slice up some sweet peaches and pour them over vanilla ice cream.  If your peaches need to be a bit sweeter, you can cut them up, sprinkle with a bit of sugar, mix together and refrigerate for 30 min or more.   To save even more money, grow your own, or steal them from your sisters tree! 🙂

peach tree

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