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I use coupons, get over it

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I use coupons, get over it

I read a blog post tonight, where a woman slammed the coupon shopper in front of her in Target.  She even took pictures on her cell phone.  She went on and on about the woman having a coupon binder as big as an encyclopedia.  Then when her total was wrong she started going through her bags to have stuff taken off.  The woman titled her post, “Coupon Hell”.  She was complaining about how long it was taking and why did she have to get stuck in that lane?  Now this woman has every right to post whatever she wants on her blog, after all we live in a country founded on FREE speech. But I would argue that she should NOT have posted the woman’s pictures without her permission, especially since she was slamming her.  As I started reading the comments, I got a little annoyed.  It’s sad that there are people out there that are so self involved that they have no sympathy for the people around them.  What if this woman lost her job and her husband lost his job and they had kids to feed?  What if she is on a budget and only had $XX amount to spend before her next paycheck.  I read on, waiting for the other comments to arrive and sure enough they did.  The coupon users stepped up to the plate to defend her.

It doesn’t really matter what circumstances this woman is in, she has every right to Save Money!  Whether she was buying video games or toilet paper.  Remember my post about extreme couponers? It stated that the majority of extreme couponers are “females under the age of 54 with college degrees and household incomes above $70,000”.   I’m using coupons to SAVE MY FAMILY MONEY!  I don’t care what other people think about my binder and how long it takes me to “check out”.  The people behind me are usually impressed when the cashier says I saved $105.  But I am polite and I will let someone go in front of me that only has a couple items.  I warn the cashier ahead of time that I have coupons.  I think they appreciate me telling them ahead so they can observe what I’m actually getting, to make sure it matches.  I’m nice and I’ll even apologize to people behind me if it’s taking a while.

Don’t get me wrong, before I used coupons and I was in a hurry, I dreaded getting behind someone like this.  When I started REALLY using coupons, I often got embarrassed and jittery at checkout.  I never know what challenges I’ll have at the register.  Will they take this coupon?  If not, do I really want that item?  Will I have to ask for a manager?  So let this be a warning, either have patience, or don’t get behind me.

I don’t use coupons for just groceries and household items either.  I use them for clothes, online purchases and at restaurants.  Using coupons has allowed my family to NOT have to live paycheck to paycheck.  It has allowed us to take a family vacation or go to the movies without putting extra stress on our bank account.  It has allowed me to be a SAHM and go on school field trips with my kids and volunteer.  It has allowed us to put wood floors in our home, so my husband doesn’t have to suffer the effects of carpet with his allergies.  It has allowed us to donate to charities and church with a happy heart and not a fearful one.  I am happy with the freedom it has given my family.  It has allowed me to write this blog and share the deals and coupons with all of you.  And for that I am thankful.  My readers are some of the most wonderful people around.  If using coupons means I upset 1 person at checkout, who I’ll probably never see again, I’m ok with that.

It often reminds me of a story I heard on the radio a couple years ago.  A man was disputing a $2 billing error.  The person in the billing department said to his co-worker, “why is he even worried about $2 when he’s a millionaire”?  To which his co-worker replied.  “How do you think he became a millionaire?”

I’m being a good steward of my family’s money, and I’m pleased with the results.  🙂  Be proud of your coupon organizers!  Haha   If you see me in the store, say HI!

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