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How To Make A Fabric Covered Headboard ~ Pictures Included

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How To Make A Fabric Covered Headboard ~ Pictures Included

Our Master Bedroom makeover required a headboard, since the bed was only a frame right now.  I decided to make it less complicated and just do a slight curve to the edges.  If you get too complicated the fabric can bunch when you fasten it.  I laid out 2 templates on the walls to see how tall I wanted it to go.

Then I took a piece of poster board and drew out a template.  Believe it or not I used a hoola-hoop to trace a curve. Then I laid it out on the plywood.  You could purchase MDF (medium-density fiberboard) because it’s cheaper, but be aware that they use adhesives to make these and they can release an odor.  I chose to go with a more expensive piece of plywood for that reason.  Since our heads will be near it 8 or so hours a night.

After I had the cardboard template made I took it out and traced it onto the wood with a sharpie.  To do the other side I simply flipped it over.

Then use a jigsaw to cut out your design.

I purchased high density foam at JoAnn’s while it was 50% off.  This stuff is not cheap, so if you can get it on sale or with a coupon, you’ll save yourself a good amount.  I have heard people who use egg crate mattresses, but they may leave uneven lines on your headboard after a while.

You don’t need to secure the foam with too much since you’ll be covering with batting.  I used spray adhesive to make it stick to the plywood.

Then I used the saw to cut off the edges and the curve on the top.

Then use batting to pull tight over foam.  I made the mistake of buying a less expensive piece and it was quite week and stretchy, so I had to double up on it. I used my staple gun to secure the batting.  This is one of my favorite tools and I love using it.

Once the batting is done you can then cover with your desired fabric.  You may choose a thicker upholstery fabric if you wish but I just chose a decorative piece that I found at Calico Corners.

Here is a sneak peek of the fabric over it.  You may need help with this part.  One person should hold fabric tight to the other can staple into place.  Be sure there are no wrinkles as you go around the headboard.

Stay tuned for the next post on how to add the fabric buttons to your headboard.