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Homemade Valentine Pails For Kids

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Homemade Valentine Pails For Kids

Homemade Valentine Pails

Homemade Valentines are one of my favorite things to do.  These homemade Valentine pails for kids, is super easy for the kids and cost very little money.  These are made from recycled yogurt containers!  You could very well use small plastic cups as well.

Homemade Valentines Supplies

Take the wrappers of the containers and clean them out.  Once dry I punched a hole in 2 of the lid corners.  I printed out a few sayings on colored printer paper:

  • Happy Valentines Day!
  • Let’s Pail Around!
  • You’re A Great Pal!

You can have fun with it.  Cut them out and use double sided tape to secure.  I took pipe cleaners to make a ‘handle’ but you could very well use ribbon.  I like the cleaners because they stay up and make it look more like a bucket.  I stuck the pipe cleaners in the 2 holes, wrapped them around the back side and secured them together. Then just fill them with your favorite candy.

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