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Homemade Stocking Holders

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Homemade Stocking Holders

We live in Florida and yes houses here have fireplaces, but not ours. We were actually happy when we fell in love with this house and had the extra space instead of the fireplace.   But then what do you do with your Stockings at Christmas?  For a while I had stocking hangers that we placed on the entertainment center, but then one broke and I’d have to replace all 4 in order to have them match again.  I really wanted something that stood alone.  I never found anything I was happy with that wasn’t over $60.  So this year I decided to make my own.  Metal was out of the question since I do not have the proper tools.  I found these closet doors at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Below is one set out of 2 and together they cost me only $14.

I took them home and hosed them down outside, they were quite dusty.  I then cut off the top 2/3 of the doors, right at the solid section in the middle.  If you cut it inside the slat area, you risk the slates falling out. I then took the hinges off the top pieces and connected all four of the bottom doors.  I took this picture before the hinges were attached.

Then comes the fun part, spray paint!  After I sprayed it, I put felt pieces on the bottom so it would not scratch our wood floors.

Then I put the stockings up and added some lights around the back and I LOVE IT!

Timmy, our Elf on the Shelf even appears to like it!  It was so easy and I love knowing that I did it myself.  What do you think?

Wonder what I could do with it when Christmas is over?

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