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Homemade Spring Chick Wreath

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Homemade Spring Chick Wreath

Spring Chick WreathBy Contributing writer Jessica.

I have seen all kinds of cute bunny wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted to create a spring chick wreath for spring using the same idea.  It took a few attempts to get the chick exactly how I wanted, but the finished product turned out to be pretty simple.


  • foam wreath
  • foam disk or half ball
  • 2 yellow boas (craft stores carry them)
  • yellow craft paint
  • glue gun
  • pins
  • orange felt
  • googly eyes

chick wreath materials

I used a foam wreath and disk to create the base for the chick.  I used a combination of a toothpick and hot glue to hold the head onto the body.  I painted them with a quick coat of yellow paint (left over from this candy corn broom) to make sure any part that showed through would blend in.  My original idea was to wrap the wreath with yellow yarn.  This took over an hour to do and I wasn’t happy with the result.  My mom suggested a boa and it was perfect.  Super quick to wrap and so fluffy.  It reminds me of a silky chicken.  It took 2 boas to cover the wreath and around the face.  I used pins to hold the boas in place, but glue would also work.  The face is wrapped in yarn from my original attempt, but I think it would also be cute just painted or even wrapped with fabric.  I experimented with some feather wings but I liked the look of the wreath without the wings.  To finish, I added a orange felt beak and googly eyes and the chick was ready to welcome spring.