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Homemade “No Soliciting” Sign

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Homemade “No Soliciting” Sign

No soliciting 2

I have to tell you that one of my pet peeves is solicitors that knock on our door.  To me it’s an invasion of privacy and it interrupts my family time.  When my kids were babies, it would never fail, that as soon as I’d lay them down for an afternoon nap, someone was ringing the doorbell, which inevitably woke them up.  A frustrating thing for a mom who needs rest herself.  Our neighborhood has a “No Soliciting” sign at the front, but that doesn’t seem to deter people.  People are also getting robbed and beaten, simply by opening their doors to strangers.  Recently I was babysitting my niece and nephew, so I had 4 children in the house, when a young woman rang the bell.  Usually I ignore it or have my husband get it.  Hubby wasn’t home and all 4 kids were looking out the windows, so I answered it.  She was trying to sell children’s educational software but wasn’t taking the hint that I wasn’t interested.  She even attempted to come in to talk to me!  I was appalled and immediately stopped her in her tracks.  No Way No How was a stranger coming in my house!  After telling her no more times than I can count, she asked if I could help her out by telling her which neighbors had kids.  No way was I siccing her on my neighbors, so I told her I was new in the area and really couldn’t help her.  My husband said later that I was way too nice.  This coming from a man who answered the door this weekend, told them “NO” and the woman said, “Thanks for saying it with a smile”!  I made this sign last year and decided I need to make a new one since this one has taken a weather beating.  I couldn’t find a one I liked in the stores, so I made my own. Here’s how I did it:

Bought Wood plaque from Craft store with coupon 🙂
Trace a piece of scrapbook paper in the shape of the plaque
Use spray adhesive to adhere the pretty paper to the wood
Pick matching paper and used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters (Notice the word “please”?)
Adhere the letters
Modge Podge the entire thing several times
Grab a piece of wood from garage, attach and stake to the ground

This matches our home and it’s cute, dontcha think?   Did it stop all solicitors?  No, but our office faces the front of the house and I did see several who upon noticing the sign, turned around and went to the next house.  Fantastic.  How do you deal with solicitors.  Do you have a sign you love? I’m looking for ideas for my new one!

UPDATE: In response to a Facebook comment: Yes I have a cricut machine. But I bought it at a thrift store and the group of ladies I scrapbook with, all use it. I DID NOT pay $300. You could also use letter stickers if you do not have a machine or know someone who does. Check your local craft store in the scrapbook aisle.