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Homemade Halloween Super Hero Costumes and Link Up

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Homemade Halloween Super Hero Costumes and Link Up

My sister has been a busy little bee, making their families Halloween costumes this year.  Her twin boys (2 years old) and parents will be super hero’s!  I was pretty impressed with what she made for them and the boys love it, so I asked her to send me the pictures and info to share with you all.

I love Halloween and our two boys are just getting into the phase of wanting to “dress up”.  I have always looked forward to the time when we could coordinate our costumes as a family. We have thought of Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and other family movies but the cost to buy all four of us costumes just for one night is just not up there on the budget list.  I thought a family of super heroes would be the easiest to make myself and be simple enough that my husband would wear it too.

I picked up felt from a craft store.  It is best to use the stiff felt and I believe they were only a dollar a sheet.  I also picked up velcro and elastic string.  I found mask templates online for free and let the boys pick out the shape and color they wanted. I also cut out super hero symbols and shapes and let them pick up what they liked.  I don’t know much about sewing and have only used a sewing machine once before, but I kind of think the squiggly lines add to the mask design.  On the kids masks, I outlined in a glow in the dark puffy paint but left it off ours.  The capes could be made of anything from a pillow case to curtains but I found some material on sale at a craft store.  I only cut out rectangles for the capes and since it is a very stretchy material and my sewing skills are not there, I plan to just tie a knot in the front and forget the sewing on this.  I ended up paying the price of what I would have spent on one costume on sale and got a costume for all four of us.

What Homemade costumes have your made?  I’d love to hear about them.