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Homemade Detangler and Hair Cuts At Home

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Homemade Detangler and Hair Cuts At Home

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Do you cut your kids hair?  I did both of my kids first hair cuts, because let’s face it, it was easy back then.  Now my daughters hair is really thick and my son is very picky.  But I do not have hair cutting experience.  If my son would agree to have his hair buzzed for the summer, no sweat, I can do that.  In fact that’s what Daddy does.   Last trip to the hair salon for the kids we paid half price because they had special going on.  Well my son was not pleased.  He wants his hair long, I’m choosing my battles here!  Then my daughters bob cut was all uneven and I had to cut off long pieces that were apparently missed.   So after chatting with my friends yesterday, Ann at Coupon Deals and More said she had a guest post on cutting bangs by Tiffany at My Litter.  You might recognize Tiffany, as she was on last weeks episode of Extreme Couponing.  I watched the video and thought, I can do that!  So after school I took my daughter out on the patio and wet down her hair, sprayed some detangler on it and started to comb through it.  My intent was to do a video for you all!  Then I started noticing these white flakes on the comb.  I started examining her scalp, all the while going in to a slight panic….”tell me this ISN’T lice!”    Now I have been fortunate thus far and avoided the whole lice thing with my kids, so I have no idea what it looks like!  AND my daughter has a fear of bugs, so last thing I wanted to do was alarm her and cause panic.  Did I mention my in laws are due to arrive today for a visit?  All of this is going through my mind as I proceed to examine her.  So I called my mom. Isn’t that what all moms do in these situations?   All the while, trying not to scratch my scalp, that is now itching!  (Purely subconscious, I’m sure)  🙂 The “objects” were only on the crown of her head, not along the neck line, or ears.  She had not been complaining about itching either.  I did not notice any crawling objects during my exam.  Long story short, my daughter said someone threw sand at her at school, so I threw her in the shower and washed her hair twice!  White objects are now gone…..crisis averted!

So I’m sorry I do not have video for you all.  My friend Ann said it probably would have gone viral, purely for the entertainment value!

Since I don’t have video of the cuts, I’ll share my recipe for homemade detangler.  My daughter has super thick hair and a sensitive scalp.  So brushing her hair can be a nightmare.  I’ve purchase the brand name detangler at the store, but those can be expensive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fill a spray bottle 1/2 way with water and fill the rest with conditioner.  Mix thoroughly and viola, you have homemade detangler.  The best part is you should have all this on hand.  You can even cheat and use the old brand name detangler bottle!