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Homemade Candy Bouquet for gifts, prizes or holiday surprises!

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Homemade Candy Bouquet for gifts, prizes or holiday surprises!

Homemade Candy Bouquet

By Contributing writer Laura.
This idea started with a need to be creative but thrifty!  My daughters middle school was having our 1st “Color Run” and our PTO was on a tight budget.  At $10 an entry including a shirt we needed to execute the event for as little money as possible.  We needed prizes to give to the runners who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and also for the student who had the winning design for the t-shirt.  The prizes needed to be something every kid would want.  Gift cards aren’t allowed as gifts in our school district so that limited us.  Anyway, I decided that a candy bouquet would not only fit into our budget but would be a WOW part of the event and as a bonus it could be used for decoration.  Since making these for the first time, I have made a few of these for friends birthdays and they are not only fun to make but loved by all.  For adult friends, you can substitute small liquor bottles and maybe even folded dollar bills.  This is PERFECT for the person who has everything.

Supplies: Candy, Wood Skewers, Hot Glue, Foam Block from the floral department of your favorite craft store and a vase or container of some kind. Tissue paper and Ribbon for decorating (if you choose) I have seen these at a flower shop with hershey kisses as the vase filler and it is super cute!

Step 1: Purchase the candy (or whatever you choose to put in your bouquet).  I suggest that you buy your candy at a store that only wants $.50 or so for a full size bar, sometimes grocery stores get a little pricey!  Walmart would be a great place, I purchased mine at Walgreens due to a big sale they were having! If you make more than one bouquet, buying them at Sam’s or Costco in bulk would be a money saver. Purchase the other supplies.  Think outside the box for the container~ there are so many options.  A flower pot would be cute!

Step 2: Using your hot glue gun, place a strip of hot glue down the center of each piece of candy/candy bar.  This glue dries quickly so don’t try and do too many at once.  Place the skewer in the glue and make sure it is secure~ burned finger tip alert…be careful!  TIP: I found that if I knew which items I wanted higher and lower its easier to break them off from the “non pointy” end so you save the “pointy end” for the foam block.


Step 3: Cut the foam block to fit tightly in the container.  If you have a glass or see through container you may want to put the tissue paper in first before adding foam.  Place the foam in the bottom of container.  Gluing the foam in helps keep the bouquet sturdy but hot glue doesn’t work too well for this.  I would use a craft glue if you choose to glue the foam down. For the really deep container I chose to put a wood block in the bottom and built it up a bit.



Step 4: Begin placing the candy skewers into the foam.  They should easily stick through the tissue paper if you left the end “pointy”.  I suggest placing the large items first and then anything you want in the back.  I used small snack size candy bars for filler and lollipops for variety.

Step 5: Finish your bouquet off with a ribbon or bow or anything else that will dress it up!  Your imagination can go wild with this craft.

I hope you are able to make this craft for many occasions in your life.  I can’t imagine any person not LOVING getting this gift and for the actual cost, it is quite the WOW without breaking the bank!IMG_0565