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Homemade Baby Jesus Ornaments ~ Christmas Art Crafts For Kids

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Homemade Baby Jesus Ornaments ~ Christmas Art Crafts For Kids

 Homemade Baby Jesus Ornaments

Craft By my Sister Andrea:

The baby Jesus ornament was something I wanted to make with my kids (3 years old)  this year because they are getting at the age of more understanding as well as craft abilities.  I have seen people use almost anything as a baby from felt to wooden balls.  I wanted to make something so I used plane white modeling clay which I already had.  You can use polymer clay or any clay that you can bake to preserve.  You can even use a recipe for salt dough.  Once the baby was baked I added a bit of watered down paint for cheeks and hair and eyes.

I did not spend much on this craft.  I found some old blue blankets that we used on the boys when they were newborns and I just cut it up and hot glued it around the baby.  As far as a basket or crib I used what I could find.  I found a set of 6 tiny wreaths for around $2 at a craft store.  There are tiny cardboard boxes in various shapes for $.99 in which I used the bottom and the lid for two ornaments.

I had run out and needed one more Baby basket and went looking through my house.  I found a shell that just so happened to have tiny holes in it that I was able to put the baby in and use wire to hang it.  I had some leftover ribbon saved from gifts and decoration from previous years and I used that to hang them on the tree.

They can be made with yarn or ripped up cloth or shredded wood found in the artificial plant section of the craft store.  I have to say my kids really liked playing with the baby Jesus and painting stars to glue on the ribbon.  They were very interested and it was a great teaching tool.  Hopefully these ornaments with last to give them when they have their own tree.

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