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Home Improvement Coupons ~ How great thou art!

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Home Improvement Coupons ~ How great thou art!

Saving money where you can, allows you to spend the extra money on debt things you like to have.  Spring always puts me in the mood to paint, garden and do home improvement projects.  My hubby loves it when I get “in the mood” (insert sarcasm) because he’s usually my assistant.  If not with his hands, then with his eyes when I need to hang something straight.  “Fantastic”, he says, “how can I help you?”  One of our favorite things to do is sit out on our patio and enjoy the retention pond lake view.  We grill out, eat dinner and play ball with the kids.  But how can you enjoy it when this is one of the views:


The bushes are overgrown and probably have things I don’t like living in them (SNAKES!)  The small day lilies we planted last year are pathetic to say the least.  The cats have turned the mulch into a litter box!  It has more weeds that I’d like to admit in it, but I’m not touching it without a new pair of gloves.  So I came up with a plan and didn’t tell hubby.  That’s right, while he was at work I got her done!  I trimmed the bushes or actually I scalped them.  I got a little crazy but I knew they’d recover…..right??   There are actually 3 bushes total here and I dug up and removed the middle one.  Then I shoveled out the other plants, weeds and mulch and got down to the bare bones.  We’ve always wanted a water fountain out there because we like the sound.  I took my coupons and headed out to a few places for inspiration.  I didn’t want anything overwhelming or loud.  Several of the ones I saw were too fake looking ie: rocks made out of plastic.  The problem was the real heavy pieces were more than I wanted to spend.  I finally found a cute pot at Home Depot.   Then I bought a trellis and bougainvillea to put behind it.  I also bought 3 smaller bushes that match what we have out front.  Then several bags of new clean mulch.  You know I did several transactions so I could use more than one coupon.  Here’s the breakdown:

Transaction #1

Fountain $139.00
Gloves $3.97
Subtotal: $152.98
– $20 off $100 competitor coupon
Final Price = $132.98

Transaction #2

Mulch (3 bags): $11.91
Top Soil (2 bags): $2.66
20″ Cement Square (for fountain to sit on): $6.76
7 Gallon Trellis Bougainvillea: $49.99
– $20 off $100 competitor coupon
Final Price = $85.93

Transaction #3

2pk Hose nozzles: $6.88
Large Trellis: $14.93
Mulch (2 bags): $7.94
– $5 off $20 competitor coupon
Final Price = $26.84

Total price: $285.75
– $45 (Coupon savings)
=  $245.75

I had all this done by the time hubby got home from work.  I was dirty and exhausted!  I waited to take the after picture so the scalped bushes could have a chance to prosper.  Here’s what it looks like now:

after1          after2

Now it’s a peaceful place where we spend a lot of time.  Well worth the money!  Stay tuned for the project I’m working on with my new circular saw…that I bought using coupons!  I love power tools and I’m going to start my collection by using home improvement coupons.