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Handmade Blackout Curtains and Inexpensive Curtain Rods

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Handmade Blackout Curtains and Inexpensive Curtain Rods

On this years ‘to do’ list was to make over the Master bedroom.  We painted it a few months ago after I purchased the new bedding.  With a Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon of course.   I know it’s hard to tell the paint color but it’s called Martha Stewart Living 123.  It was the closest I could find to the color in the bedding, but I had Home Depot make it with Behr paint and I got the paint rebate!

Then I went on the hunt for curtains.  I knew I wanted to get blackout curtains and I wanted them to be floor length.  We have high ceilings in this room, 2 windows and a sliding glass door.  So to get blackout curtains over 100 inches long, was going to cost a pretty penny.  After shopping around and not finding what I wanted, for a price I could live with, I decided to open my mind to making them myself.

Now I like to think of myself as pretty handy.  I have lots of tools in the garage that I love using!  I’ve added molding to our kitchen cabinets and painted them. I’ve done a few wall decor projects. Or the Jacksonville Jaguar inspired room for my son.  I’ve even sewed curtains before, but this time I new I’d need to do them right, with the blackout lining.  I started researching and found this fabulous tutorial on House of Hepworths on how to make lined curtains. She has lots of pictures and that is the best way I learn.  She used a basic sheet to line her curtains but I used blackout fabric which was a bit heavier to work with.

I had also been out shopping for curtain rods, one of which needed to be over 6 feet long.  For rods that long I was looking at spending over $50 just for one.  I love how House of Hepworths did faux pinch pleats and made her own curtain rod.   The best part about it, is the cost!  I purchased (2) 10 Foot Electrical Conduit for $2 each!  Yes you read that right.

Then I took them home and began the process of measuring and cutting them to size. It was actually quite easy.

The small tool above was only $6 and you place it on your marking spot and rotate it, tightening it as you go.  It took a little bit longer than anticipated but I had 3 rods to make.

Then began the process of painting the rods the color I wanted.  First I sprayed them with automotive primer in white, then used Rust-Oleum Antique Brass Metallic Spray paint.  It took 2 cans to do the rods and finials since I wanted a thick coat.

I also decided to reuse the finials and hardware from the curtain rods we originally had in the room.  The reason I didn’t reuse the rods was because they were very thin and flimsy and I knew it would not be able to support the heavy curtains.  I was able to find clip rings at Joann Fabrics that matched the color perfectly.

Attaching the finials to the end of the rods was a pain in the butt.  Ask my hubby, I think I tried several methods, one of which was patience, which I don’t have much of!  It ended up being a combo of automotive adhesive because I needed something thick inside the rod for the finial screw to hold onto.  Then I also used superglue on the outside.  While we’re being honest, I’m not sure all of them are straight, but I can’t tell.

I hope I can get you a better image of the entire curtain soon, but for now you can have a close up.  I love the sheen on the fabric I bought and how both the rod and curtains go with the comforter set.

This weekend I got started on the upholstered headboard!  More on that soon.