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Halloween Tricks & Treats

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Halloween Tricks & Treats

Guest Post by my friend Amanda:

Amanda is a Stay at home mom of 3 who tries to save others time and money in the kitchen and at the store with A Few Short Cuts. You will find recipes, coupons, crafts and more. Including Gluten free and Dairy Free recipes.

Halloween is a fun time of year, especially for the kids. All the ghosts, goblins, bats, and pumpkins make it so exciting and usher in the holiday season.

With three kids under the age of 10 we are always looking for exciting recipes and projects to make the holidays more fun. Here are some of our favorite Halloween Tricks and Treats.

Witches Corn: This great homemade caramel corn can be personalized for any season, just change the colors.

Frog Bog: This super simple treat will make the kids hop all around. This is a new favorite at my house.

Homemade Slime: Gross out you little goblins with this homemade slime. You can’t eat it, but it sure is fun to play with!

Stuffed Frankenstein: Your kids will have a blast making this Stuffed Frankenstein Decoration! It’s easy and fun!

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