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Grocery Reward Cards & Upromise – Boot Camp Episode #8

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Grocery Reward Cards & Upromise – Boot Camp Episode #8

Many grocery stores and pharmacies have reward cards. There are benefits to signing up and getting one. If you shop at a store that accepts competitor coupons, then you can maximize your savings by getting coupons from other stores.  For example, I have a Food Lion reward card that is linked to my email, and every week they send Food Lion coupons to my email address. I recommend signing up for a spare email account just for this reason. Some sites want you to register in order to print their coupons. I always use my 2nd email for these so I can keep them separate from the personal emails I receive.  Below I’ve complied links for Grocery store reward cards.  If you don’t see one you need, please let me know and I’ll add it. Click on the links to sign up.


Publix Upromise Card

Food lion MVP card

Kroger Plus Card

Bi-Lo Bonus Card

Harris Teeter VIC Card

Winn Dixie reward card

CVS extracare reward card

Albertsons Upromise card

Ralphs Rewards Card

Vons Club Card

Pick ‘n Save Advantage Plus Card

Upromise.com Save for College

You can link these reward cards to your Upromise account and earn a % back on what you spend. If you do not have a Upromise account yet, click here to sign up.  It’s Free and you can start earning money for college today.  You DO NOT need to have the Upromise Credit Card to have an account.

Once you’ve created your account, go to the profile page to add your grocery reward cards.

Then you can enter the reward cards to your account.

This is an example of a Upromise eCoupon.  They offer several every month and all you have to do is active them with a simple click of your mouse.  Then, if you purchase these baby wipes and your reward card (that is attached to your Upromise account) is scanned at check out, then you’ll get this $1.00 credited to your Upromise account.  Now you’re $1.00 closer to paying for your child’s college! 🙂  You can add more than one type of card.  My mother in law has a Publix reward card and we’ve added it to our account, so we can earn rewards from her card.  Get the whole family involved!

When our first child was born almost 9 years ago, we made the decision to get the Upromise Credit Card.  There are many credit cards out there where you can earn special rewards or points but we decided this was the best option for us.  We earn 1% on EVERY purchase.  So even if we have the cash for an item, we put it on the Credit Card, earn 1% then send the credit card company the payment.  This is our account total as of 1/7/2010:

It may not sound like a lot over the course of 8 years, but it’s better than nothing and we didn’t have to work too hard to get it.  Right now it looks like they are offering a $25 bonus after your first qualified purchase with a new Upromise Credit Card.

We’ve opened a Vanguard 529 college savings account in both of our kids names, and linked it to our Upromise account.  Every quarter, the money we’ve earned is split 50/50 between them and it’s transfered to their 529 accounts.  Now that money is earning interest.

There are many other ways to earn money through Upromise, including shopping online through their website and eating at restaurants in the dining program.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Do you use Upromise?  What tips do you have.

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