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Getting Sick In A Foreign Country and Visiting A Clinic

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Getting Sick In A Foreign Country and Visiting A Clinic

Bassenthwaite Lake Keswick England

(Picture from our hike on Bassenthwaite Lake in Keswick England)

This is obviously NOT something I wanted to be posting about, but it happens.  When hubby and I went to London last month, he had just finished up antibiotics to get over a sinus infection.  Once we got to London, we both had problems acclimating.  The parks were beautiful but we found ourselves sneezing and obviously reacting to something in the air.  There are also a large amount of smokers in London.  Neither of us do well with that.  Tons of restaurants with patio seating, but we had to avoid most of it because of the smoke.

So we found a pharmacy and purchased some OTC meds to help us relive symptoms, on top of the allergy meds we were taking daily that we brought with us.  I know for me, Nyquil and Dayquil work well for me in the states.  There are certain meds that don’t react well with my heart condition.   Well in England, the equivalent is called Night nurse and Day nurse and it’s behind the counter.  The cashier asked me a few questions before letting me buy it.  Including is it for me, do I have asthmas, and do I have any other health conditions that might be affected by this purchase.   I found that interesting.

Night nurse and Day nurse

A few days into our trip, my husband decided he wanted to go to a local clinic.  He does have asthma and if he waits too long to get treatment when he’s sick, it can get worse.  I found a clinic within walking distance of his office and we met there one day during lunch.  Both of us signed in and waited.  The sign at the desk said travelers or foreigners would be required to pay 75 pounds for service.  Which really means approx 130 US dollars.  Before seeing a doctor we were individually called in to speak with a nurse about our symptoms.  Hubby went in first and then paid the fee before seeing the doctor.  When I sat down with the nurse she told me it sounded like I just had hay fever and that my symptoms didn’t sound bad enough to see a doctor and have to pay the 75 pound fee.  So she recommended some OTC items for relief and sent me on my way.  How awesome is that?  For a nurse to give me advice and save us the money right off the bat!

In a loving way of course I made fun of hubby.  “So the nurse took one look at you and said, hand over your Credit card?”  He said, “yeah, pretty much”  Poor guy.

Getting sick in a foreign country is no fun and I think we are both pretty lucky that this wasn’t any worse.  Have you experience healthcare in a foreign country?